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Trevi Fountain: Why and How You Toss Your Coin

The Trevi Fountain (“Fontana di Trevi” in Italian) has a history that predates the 1600s, and it’s the most well-known fountain in the world. “Trevi” is a mashup of the Italian words “tre,” meaning “three” and “vie,” meaning “roads,” because the fountain was constructed at the intersection of Rome’s then three most important thoroughfares. The […]

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10 Essential Food and Drinks to Try in Venice,The 10 Best Venice Restaurants,The Traditional Foods of Venice, Italy,Venice Food Guide,venice food blog
Encounter the Soul of Venice in Gourmet Street Food

Venice is like a brilliant and eccentric artist, jealously guarding its secrets and skills from those who don’t know where to look. Its soul is made of a wide variety of virtues and vices; the city itself is full of quality and boasts a lot of beauty. If you want to unlock the soul of […]

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Sassi di Matera,sassi di matera caves,how to get to matera italy,sassi di matera hotel,
The Sassi of Matera – Unforgettable Beauty

A trip to the Sassi in Matera in Italy’s southern region of Basilicata, will transport you into a stunning old town perched on the rocky hillside. Seeing the old town of Matera with its charming cobbled streets, winding pathways, and vibrant piazzas is every bit as magical as the mythical worlds Narnia or Middle Earth. […]

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